January 2014 Character Award for Honesty

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St. Matthias School presented the January Character Awards to the children that exemplified the Virtue of Honesty.

Pictured left to right…

Standing in the back: Carmel St. Hilaire, Kendal Colon, Alana Katz, Paolo Iriarte, Christopher Lucik, Elian Molina

Standing in front of those are: Alan Veloz, Christian Segovia, Jacob Perez, Enzo Rizzuto

Kneeling: Matthew Torres, Nicholas Ynoa, Kacper Zuraw, Ava Florea, Valentina Cotapo Castillo

Sitting in front: Adrian Hernandez, Veronica Fraczek, Angelina Lowery, Maja Laska, Maria Saif

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