Happy Spring to all! Here is an update on Phys. ed. classes at St. Matthias.
Grade 4 finished their Basketball unit with some challenging games. In 4A the Warriors team had 6 wins and 1 tie. The Kings had 2 wins, 3 losses & 1 tie. The Miami Heat had 0 wins, 5 losses & two ties. In 4B the Wildcats had 0 wins, 2 losses & 4 ties. Epic had 2 wins, 1 loss, & 4 ties. The Blue Jays had 0 wins, 2 losses, & 4 ties. Both classes have now begun the Fitnessgram Fitness test.
Grade 5 finished the Basketball unit & the Floor Hockey unit. Basketball results in 5A: Tournament Champions were Golden Fist. Red Bulls finished second & The Cheetahs came in third. 5B results: The champs were the Miami Heat. Red Storm came in second & the Knicks finished in third.
5A Floor Hockey results: The Stallions won the championship. The Rebels came in second & the Flames finished in third. 5B will play their championship/consolation games on Wed., 4-30-14.
6A also finished Basketball & Floor Hockey. 6A Basketball results: The Dominators won the championship. The Military Unicorns came in second & the Bob Tigers finished in third. Floor Hockey results: The Ducks won the championship. Second & third place had to be decided by a shoot-out. The Ice Crushers were able to get second place & Cannonball finished in third.
6B Basketball results: The Trailblazers won the championship. The Polar Bears came in second & Mountain Dew finished third. 6B will have one more week of Floor Hockey & the championship/consolation games will be played on 5-7-14.
7th grade finished Capture the Flag, Soccer, & Floor Hockey. 7A is currently playing Flag Football & 7B is playing Kickball.
7A Capture the Flag results: San Francisco Lightning won the unit. The Jalapenos came in second & the New York Eagles finished in third.
7A Soccer results: The Beasts took the championship. The Jesters came in second & the Heroes finished in third.
7B Floor Hockey results: Yogi Bear won the championship. The Lumberjacks came in second & the Chiefs finished in third.
7B Soccer results: The Seahawks won the championship. F.C. Barcelona & The Broncos forfeited their game due to unsportsmanlike conduct.
8th graders have been teaching some great Olympic games as well as activities including: jump rope contests, Knockout, 3 on 3 basketball games & Capture the Flag. Stay tuned for a final update as we near the end of the school year!

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