Grade 4 New York State Math Test

The New York State Math Test is a few weeks away.  As a way of preparing for the test, I would suggest that students click on this link and go over the practice questions.


The test dates are as follows:  Wednesday, April 22nd through Friday, April 24th.  There will be 24 multiple choice questions on Day 1, 25 multiple choice questions on Day 2, and 10 questions requiring students to show there work on Day 3.  Here are some sample questions that students should try:

What is the sum of 1.18 and 0.63?

A number was rounded to the nearest hundred thousand.  The result was 900,000.  Which number could not be the number that was rounded?

A. 926, 017          B. 850, 797    C. 962, 345   D. 874, 583


Which number has a 6 that represents a value ten times greater than the value represented by the 6 in 25, 672?

A. 36, 905  B. 65, 784    C. 15, 268    D. 32, 786

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