More Sample 4th Grade NYS Math Test Questions

An acute angle measure at ?

An obtuse angle measures at ?

A right angle measures at ?

Jonathan wants to walk 7/8 of a mile.  How many miles would Jonathan walk in 8 days?

A group of 25 third-grade students and 34 fourth-grade students went to the movies.  Buses that could hold 8 students each were used to take the students.   Write an equation that can be used to determine the number of buses, b, needed to take the students.

How many buses were needed?  ( This is called interpret the remainder).


It cost $145 to rent each bus for the trip.  What was the total cost to rent the buses?


Meg and Danielle are playing a video game where they earn jewels and stars.  Meg earned 3, 576 jewels worth 7 points each.  What is the total number of points that she earned?


Danielle has earned 27, 500 points so far.  To have enough points to reach Level 10 of the game, she must collect 77 more stars worth 25 points each.  What is the total number of points Danielle must have to reach Level 10 of the game?


What is the value of 5 5/6 – 2 3/6?

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