Tuition Grant Announced

A One-Time Tuition Grant for 2016-17

April 4, 2016

It is my pleasure to announce the decision made by Father Tom Pettei, Parish Administrator, to grant a one-time $50/student tuition grant to be applied to your June 15th tuition payment. This gift is made possible through a donation by Mr. Brumbach’s Estate. Mr. Brumbach was a graduate of St. Matthias School.

For June 2016 only, the tuition rates will be:

Standard one child $447.50
Standard two child $742.50
Standard three child (or more) $915.00

Catholic one child $375.00
Catholic two child $627.00
Catholic three child (or more) $821.00
PreK (3 or 4 yr old) $358.00

Please remember that the 2016/17 tuition rates (see back) will resume for July to March 2017. This gift is reflected in June 2016 only.

Barbara Wehnes, Principal

7 Responses to “Tuition Grant Announced”

  1. Armstrong says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift! May Mr Brumbach Rip.

  2. Theresa Ferrer says:

    Thank you so much Fr Tom and Ms Wehnes!!! I really appreciate this thought of easing a parent’s finacial situation in any way the school/parish can!! You could have allotted that donation to something else, but you thought of us ,PARENTS , instead…THANK YOU VERY MUCH


  3. Gerry Parry says:

    Please pass on our thanks for the consideration of my children through this grant, it is very much appreciated!

  4. Gilberto Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for this gift

  5. Elizabeth Esteves says:

    Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. Thank you and may Mr. Brumbach R.i.p.