Halloween 2016

Grades PreK to 5 had a Spooktacular time on Friday, October 21 as they celebrated at the annual Halloween Parties.  We are so grateful to Mrs. Esteves, Mrs. Hernanadez, Mrs. Anigacz, Mrs. Rios, and Mrs. Rodriguez for making the parties fantastic.  The eighth graders were awesome in the haunted hall and we loved the magician.  The new games and activities were fun, too.  Thanks to all our volunteers for providing our children with a safe and fun way to celebrate!

Click the PHOTOS tab for more pictures from our parties.

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One Response to “Halloween 2016”

  1. Gerry Parry says:

    Another successful year! The gym looked absolutely amazing, very festive and the balloon decorations were the icing on the cake. Proud to have been a small part of these dedicated Moms!