Principal’s Message

“Your word is like a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.”

Psalm 119:105

Last month, the Class of 2017 received their school rings during a beautiful prayer service centered on the theme of light.  The students lit candles and asked God to bless their futures.  We pray that they will always behold the Light of Christ…a light that was shared with them in Baptism…a light we share with one another through word and action every day.

Light is energy and energy is abundant this spring at Saint Matthias School.  Whether it’s the music and dancing coming from our Pre-K or the shuffling of papers and books in our upper grade departmental classes, our students are on the move!  We’re counting down the final fifty days of school and there’s much work still to be done!

The Easter Candle burns brightly now as we celebrate the “Alleluia” that joyously announces Christ’s Resurrection.  We learn that the new life that surrounds us in the plants and animals we see each day is a sacred reflection of the new life given to us in Jesus.  We’re coloring butterflies and playing outside once again!  We feel as bright as the sun!

The coming weeks will be filled with field trips and activities that remind us of the joy that comes with learning as a family.  We congratulate our second graders who are preparing for Penance and their First Holy Communion.  These Sacraments are special signs of our membership in the Family of God.  The title “communion” means the joining of many to become one.

The Saint Matthias Educational Foundation was created 13 years ago to support the students of St. Matthias School.  Every year they work tirelessly to raise funds in order to support scholarships and programs to benefit our children.  This year they are funding our 3D printing program and the online mathematics program, Mathletics.  In addition, a special fund helps families seeking assistance with educational evaluations.

On April 2nd at the 10:00 Mass, the President of the St. Matthias Educational Foundation, Erwin Wolf, will announce that the Foundation will provide every student with a grant of fifty dollars to reduce their tuition for 2017-18.  This is truly a wonderful gift!  In addition, the Foundation will award three students $500 scholarships as winners of the Miracles of Jesus Essay/Art Contest.

Please join me in thanking the Foundation Board of Trustees for their generosity.  I ask you to support their efforts by increasing participation in their Annual Golf Outing and Fund Drive.  The more alumni and friends we can add to our network of benefactors, the better we can control the rising cost of tuition.  Rest assured, that the St. Matthias School Board, the St. Matthias Educational Foundation, The St. Matthias HSA, and the Catholic Alumni Partnership all work to raise funds for our students.  This critical cause needs your help.  Consider lending a hand.

May the remaining weeks of this school year be filled with new life and renewed joy.  Watch the faces of our children as they reflect the light of Easter in their radiant smiles and infectious laughter.  Thank you for sharing your children with us and entrusting them into our care.


Barbara Wehnes, Principal




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