Halloween Parties

Halloween Parties for grades PreKindergarten  to five will take place on October 20.  Special early dismissals are also planned.  PreK, K, and grade 1 will dismiss at 11:30 while the remainder of the school will dismiss at 12:00.  This will give our littlest ones the opportunity to get home for lunch and put on their costume before returning for their party which begins at 12:30.  The first party ends at 2:30.

Then, at 3:00, we welcome our students from grade 2 to 5.  This party concludes at 5:00.  Both parties will include games, entertainment, refreshments, and our traditional “spooky walk”.

Remember we need volunteers to help to make these parties fun, safe, and successful.  Watch your child’s folder for more information on how to participate and volunteer.

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