Principal’s Message

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

(A Chinese Proverb)



October has brought the cool winds of autumn.  Nature is once again amazing us with its continuous cycle of life.  Enjoy the energy that comes with this change of season!

Our school days will focus on building strong foundational skills and involving families this month.  We will be challenged to show teamwork and cooperation.  At the same time, students will work to demonstrate their cognitive abilities and academic strength.

Teamwork and cooperation are important characteristics of any successful school.  Parent volunteer opportunities include our monthly food sales, upcoming Halloween parties, and our lunch duty program.  We will also begin planning for our Christmas Musical.  This year’s show will take place on December 15.  We look forward to your input and support of this important event.   We would love to have more parents share their time and talents.

Another opportunity to reflect teamwork comes through the success of our current candy sale.  It was exciting to see how many families freely chose to participate early in the sale.  As our largest fundraiser, the annual candy sale is an important tool used to help control tuition rates.  Our hope is that every family can build a network of supporters at work and through extended family to help us raise our income from sources beyond tuition.  My heartfelt “thanks” go out to all who are a part of this effort.

Please plan to attend the parent meeting on October 5th at 7pm in the gym.  This will be your opportunity to meet our newly seated academy board and to hear about their plan for the future of

St. Matthias Catholic Academy.  We are in a transitional time as we move from school to academy.  It is a time to focus on increasing enrollment, seeking new revenue sources, and bringing new programs to our school.  We need your energy and involvement.  We hope to have all of our school families represented.

During the month of October, all students in grades three through eight will participate in the

In View/Terra Nova Testing.  This is a standardized testing program normed nationally.  It indicates growth from year to year in the critical mathematics, language, and reading skills that form the foundation of a strong elementary education.  This is a time tested assessment that validly reflects our students’ progress.  Please encourage your child to do their very best.  Attendance for this test is very important especially in the upper grades.  These scores are used in grades 6 through 8 for high school applications.

On November 9 th, the faculty will participate in a Diocesan sponsored day of professional development.  Teachers will be learning more about the Next Gen Science Standards that have recently been approved.  School will be closed for this professional day.

We are grateful to the Saint Matthias Educational Foundation for their continued support of our children and programs.  Recently, a $4,000 grant was awarded to our school. This grant is providing direct support for our use of technology in the classroom.  It has been paired with $4,000 from our Home Academy Assoc. and $4,000 from our academy technology funds to provide 50 new Chromebooks for use kindergarten through grade five.  We are currently setting up the machines and preparing to utilize online resources and Google Classroom.

It will be a busy month for our school family.  Keep this calendar handy and plan to join us at as many events as you can.  We hope to see you on October 5 as we gather together at 7pm in the gym to meet our new academy board members and to learn more about the future of St. Matthias Catholic Academy.  All are welcome!


Barbara Wehnes, Principal

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