Principal’s Message

“God writes straight with crooked lines.

It is equally true that God shines through cracked pots.”

Mary Benet McKinney



This month we reflect on our weaknesses…the crooked lines and cracked pots that are a part of our lives.  Our academy began the holy season of Lent by attending Mass on Ash Wednesday, February 14th.  We continue spending many hours this month studying and praying in preparation for the great “Alleluia” of Easter.  Students will discuss the meaning of sacrifice and its relationship to fasting.  Almsgiving and service will be the focus of our work to spread the Good News.  Our children will come to understand the importance of daily prayer and acts of love. These are the cornerstone to happiness.

Another way to prepare is to ask each family to examine their actions in light of the Gospel message.  Do we act in ways that show the world we are a people of faith?  Do our words and actions recognize that each and every person is a sacred and unique creation?  Often I am touched by the simple kindnesses I witness each school day.  They come in many forms from holding the door open for others to volunteering with a joyful heart.  It seems that this year, more than ever, it is crucial that we strive daily to value each person.

Every day we are given opportunities to show who we are by our interactions with others.  The students recognize this as they work cooperatively with teachers and their peers.  This is especially evident during the “Buddy Projects” and our peer tutoring sessions.  When we experience conflicts or problems, we come together to discuss our concerns and find ways to resolve our differences.

Parents and teachers have a unique opportunity to teach our children the importance of living our Christian values.  I am grateful to all who make this a priority in their dealings with our students.  Whether it is at the morning drop off or dismissal, the actions of most of our parents ensure the safety and happiness of my school family.  All of the extra time and energy the teachers put in as they tutor students and supervise extracurricular activities is recognized as building God’s kingdom at Saint Matthias.  Thank you to all who take this responsibility so seriously and go above and beyond to teach our children the values central to Catholic education.  Let us continue our efforts in this regard recognizing the impact our words and actions have on our academy family.

We ask that you review this month’s calendar for important events and activities.  Thank you for supporting our Teen Dance and Carnival.  We look forward to making great strides toward our fundraising goal by your participation in the new Welch’s Fruit Snack Sale.  We again recognize our volunteers for their work on the February Red & Black Dance.  This event wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Liz Esteves and the committee including Ginny Florea, Dania Severino, and their faithful friends.

Finally, let us congratulate the outstanding work done by our Class of 2018!  Their high school scholarships and awards currently total more than $300,000.  Their acceptance letters are a testimony to the student’s efforts and the excellent guidance provided by the faculty over many years.  Class of 2018, we’re so very proud of each and every one of you!

Check out the Easter Photo opportunity on March 4.  Thank you to Shawna Gerold and her committee for bringing us this new event.


Barbara Wehnes, Principal

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