Principal’s Message

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                     Albert Schweitzer                   

Our Lenten journey begins…forty days of prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving to remind us that we are empty without the love of God. We have within us the spirit, the fire, to enlighten the world. Let us work each day to share this spirit in word and action so that others may be warmed by the Light of Christ!

Often in our classrooms we speak of fire and light. We teach that Jesus is the Light of the World. He was sent by the Father to bring us out of darkness, into the light of faith. Scripture tells us that we are lights that should not be hidden under a basket, but that we should shine brightly through our life of discipleship. We hear how the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles on Pentecost in the form of tongues of fire strengthening them and gifting them for their work to come.

The mission of Saint Matthias Catholic Academy is to embrace the spark within each student. We fan the flames of wonder, love, and learning. Very early in a student’s life this spark becomes a flame that is fueled by a rich educational environment and the love of the school family. Our prayer is that once this internal flame begins to glow, our children will go on to ignite the fire within others. Pause a moment to celebrate the fire within your child. They are truly “Children of Light”!

This month our students will have many opportunities to grow in faith and knowledge. The teachers, too, will have the chance to learn and share with other colleagues from neighboring Catholic Academies. We will celebrate with the Class of 2019 as they accept their school rings. Students in grades 4/6/7 will continue to prepare for their ELA New York State Assessment at the beginning of April.

Of course, all of our hard work will be reflected on the report cards distributed on Friday, March 15. Please make sure you return the conference slip to the classroom teacher. SMCA does its best to accommodate your conference requests. Many schools simply do conferences on a first come, first serve basis resulting in long wait times. We choose to make appointments for the benefit of everyone’s schedules. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We will continue to support our faculty and students as they continue on their educational journeys. SMCA welcomes the return of Hollie Hartford, our math coach. Hollie works with all grade levels. She models best practices and mentors our math teachers in the areas of problem solving and critical concept development. We will soon begin a partnership with EDUCATE. Academies within our deanery are using this professional connection to provide coaching on higher level questioning and discussion techniques. In addition, the EDUCATE coach will support differentiation to address all learners.

Thank you to all who are helping us to meet our HAA fundraising goal this year. The current Welch’s Sale is an important part of our fundraising plan. This year, we did well on our fall Candy Sale and Christmas Shows. Now we look to this sale and the 200 Club to help us reach our budget goal. In this way, we can control the costs of spirit events such as dances, the carnival, and bingo. Please help us to make this sale a great success.

One final “thank you” goes to all parents and teachers for sharing their spark with our children…May your light shine with the glory of the Risen Christ!

Barbara Wehnes, Principal

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