St. Matthias Church and St. Matthias Catholic Academy occupies land that was once part of the Meyerose farm, purchased by Jacob Meyerose in 1856. In its early history, the school shared a common building with the church, eventually becoming home to the school alone.

On October 4, 1909, St. Matthias School opened its door to 150 students and 4 teachers, one of whom was Father Nicholas Wagner, the church’s first pastor. On August 29, 1910 four members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame arrived, beginning a rich tradition of Catholic education, which has continued through to the present time. By the end of 1922, 900 children were enrolled in the school. In 1966, a building addition created five additional class rooms.

St. Matthias School transitioned to an Academy as of September 1, 2017.  Today, St. Matthias continues its mission to provide an academically challenging environment to students in Grades Pre-K through 8. Our more than 7,000 graduates are testimony to the school’s success and commitment to academic excellence.

To learn more about St. Matthias, please visit the page about Our Patron Saint.