Grade 1A


Working on Reading skills with Chromebooks!


Classifying animals in our Science notebooks.


Working with 8th Grade Buddies is always lots of fun!


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2018!!

First Grade is busy working on many things!

In Reading we are learning new comprehension strategies like compare and contrast and main idea. We are also working with long vowels with final e. Tap becomes tape, hop becomes hope, bit becomes bite. It’s the magic e!

In Math we are adding and subtraction to 20. We have learned new strategies to help us – Make 10 and Take from 10.

In Science we have begun our unit on Animals. We will learn about the different kinds of animals, their needs, and their habitats.

In Social Studies we are continuing with Work in the Community. We will learn about goods and services, consumers and producers. and about the jobs people do in our community.

In Religion we are learning about our parish and the seven sacraments. We also learned about Psalm 51 and made a craft for Catholic Schools Week.




IMG_0246Christmas Show 2017 – Santa will be coming down the chimney!

IMG_0328Movie Trip to see The Star

IMG_0352Polar Express 2017!


Our trip to the farm has been rescheduled for the spring. We did go to the Ridgewood Public Library and learned how to take out just right books.    We also learned about the different sections of the library and the many resources it offers.




Welcome Back Happy Campers!!

It’s time for a brand new school year. This year will be filled with lots learning and fun too!
This month we spent time learning about the rules and procedures in first grade. We’re learning how to keep our desk neat and organized.

Here’s what we are currently working on:
Reading -Unit 1 Animals Wild and Tame- Stories will focus on how animals and people help each other. In some stories the animal characters act like people! In Phonics and Spelling the focus will be review of short vowel sounds. In Grammar we are working with sentences, subjects, and predicates.
Math – Adding and Subtracting to 10- We’re doing great learning about partner numbers and number bonds.
Science – What does a Scientist do? We are learning how we are like scientist discovering the world around us.
Social Studies– We will be learning about our community and what it means to be a good citizen.
Religion– We just finished learning about creation and the Blessed Trinity. We are learning about the Holy Family. Our Psalm for this month is – ” You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14

It was so nice to see so many of you at the parent meetings. I’m looking forward to working with you and your child.




Welcome 2017!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a restful vacation!

We were busy little elves before break! In November we learned about the First Thanksgiving and made butter. We had fun shaking the container filled with heavy cream and saying the “Making Butter Boogie”. It was delicious! We also had a visitor after Thanksgiving break- an elf from the North Pole. We named her Sparkles. She had tons of fun with the other elves on our floor. Every day we looked to see what spot or classroom she would be in. We found all of them in our classroom one day, zip lining!


We also practiced for our Christmas Show. We had so much fun singing our songs and shaking those jingle bells!


We worked hard in our subjects as well. In Math we have completed our first Module! Now we will be working on Module 2- Adding and Subtracting to 20.

In Reading we’ve focused on sequence skills, main ideas and details. In Phonics we’re working with long vowels – the magic e that makes a vowel say its name. In Grammar we are working with Nouns- common and proper. We will continue to learn about singular and plural nouns in the new year. In Social Studies we completed our chapter on Community and now we are working on Chapter 2 – Work in the Community. In Writing we learned how to write letters. We wrote letters to Santa explaining what we wanted and why we should get these gifts. I guess we were pretty convincing because Santa came to visit us!




Happy Halloween from 1A!


Welcome Back!

It’s been a busy two months for first grade!

In September we learned about the rules and procedures in first grade. We even have new desks this year! Remembering to keep your books on your lap when lifting up your desktop is an important lesson to learn! We’ve learned to take care of our books and how to keep our desks neat.

In Reading, we’ve learned to build stamina. It was hard in the beginning, but with lots of practice we are up to 20 minutes. We also learned different reading strategies to help us become better readers. We love working in different groups too!


After working hard, what do we do to regain focus? BRAIN BREAK!

imageWe love moving to music to get us focused for the next lesson.

In Math we working towards fluency of addition and subtraction facts to 10. We’ve learned many strategies such as counting on, counting back, doubles, doubles plus one, addition charts, and number bonds.

October -Field Trip to Queens Farm

We learned how to make apple cider at the Queens Farm. It was so much fun! We each had a chance to throw an apple in the hopper and then turn the wheel. Then we got to bring home apple cider.





On June 16 1A held an Author’s Tea. We worked hard all year learning about the writing process. That day we shared some special writing pieces with our parents. We were nervous but we did an awesome job and our parents were so proud.


I am so proud of all that you have accomplished this year. We had so much fun learning and I wish all of you good luck  in second grade.

Have a great summer!




Dr. Seuss week was so much fun!

We came to school with our crazy hats and had a parade through the school.


On Wacky Wednesday we wore our clothes backwards. Some wore different socks and even different shoes ! Thursday we swapped teachers. 1A had Mrs. Trimarchi. We read “Fox in Socks” and made a fox puppet. We also tied with Pre-K in the door contest. What a fantastic week!




1A has been busy learning about animals and their habitats. Come back soon to see pictures of our projects.

Next week we will celebrating Dr. Suess Week with many fun activities.

In math we are becoming Ten Masters! We can make ten to add numbers to 20 or take from ten to subtract.

We are also working on our writing skills. This month we wrote an opinion piece on whether to hibernate or migrate. In the coming months we will continue to use the Writing Process to write narratives, letters, and all about me books. In June we will have an Author’s Tea celebrating all of writing accomplishments.



Welcome to a new school year! We are going to have a great year in first grade! It was so nice to meet so many of you at the parent meeting. I’m looking forward to working with you and your child.  I know many of you have connected on Class Dojo. This is a useful tool that I will use for managing classroom behavior and for communicating with you. Don’t forget to sign up for Remind as well. I will use Remind to notify you of upcoming events and school closing due to inclement weather.

This Month:

Reading – Unit 1 is all about animals – wild and tame! In Phonics we will focus on short vowels. In Grammar we will focus on sentences. Practice sight words and decodable words daily.

Math – Adding and Subtracting to 10-  We’re doing great  with number bonds!

Science- What does a scientist do? We will also learn about the scientific process.

Social Studies- We are learning about rules and what it means to have good manners

Religion – We just finished learning about creation and will be learning about the Blessed Trinity

  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HAPPY SUMMER! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their vacation! Just wanted to show some of the highlights of the end of the year: In April we went with PreK, K , and Second Grade to see the movie “Monkey Kingdom”. We had a great time and really enjoyed learning how monkeys in India live. imageimage In May we went to the Queens Farm and learned all about bees. We saw some farm animals and even ate some herbs! imageimage We also learned about Matter and began our unit on American Symbols. We worked together to make a flag. imageimage In June we said goodbye to our 8th grade buddies. We had lunch together and ate ice cream! We sang a special song for our buddies at the graduation Mass. I know we will miss our buddies! imageimageimage Click on this link to see a clip of the first graders singing to the graduates- trim.BC203ACE-211C-4411-8AD9-ECD11CDA5E89 Remember to work on your Math and ELA packets over the summer to keep all those skills you learned sharp. We had a wonderful year and I can’t wait to see you next year as second graders!   ____________________________________________________________________________________ HAPPY SPRING!!! The months are flying by and 1A has been very busy! In late January we began our unit on Dinosaurs. We became paleontologists! We had fun digging for fossils and putting them together. We learned about different dinosaurs and how their physical features helped them to survive. We also made a dinosaur egg! The hardest part was waiting for them to hatch. imageimageimageimageimage We aslo celebrated the 100th day of school. We enjoyed a special snack we made ourselves. image image We are currently working on Weather and in Social Studies we are working on Maps and Landforms. In Math we are learning about Measurement and Graphing. Check back soon for pictures of our projects. Please remember to send in new supplies to help us get through the rest of the year. Have  blessed Easter!   ____________________________________________________________________________________ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! November and December just flew right by, and here we are in 2015! We were very busy learning about pumpkins in November. We became PIs, Pumpkin Investigators! We measured, weighed, and counted how many seeds our pumpkin had. We also tasted pumpkin bread and loved it! Then we also made pumpkin pancakes. We learned that pumpkins are not only good for jack-o-lanterns but good to eat! image image image image In December we prepared for our Christmas Show, learned about how people all over world celebrate Christmas, and did many fun projects with our buddies. We learned how to say Merry Christmas in 8 different languages, even Japanese! But I think we had the most fun with our 8th grade buddies. We made our T-shirts for the Christmas Show. This has become sort of a tradition at St. Matthias. Making the trees in the front was the difficult part, but many memories were made. Then before vacation we made gingerbread houses with the help of our buddies. IMG_20141212_140725_779IMG_20141126_141516_795IMG_20141212_140834_200   __________________________________________________________________________________- Mmmm, Apples! At the end of September we began our unit on apples. We learned about Johnny Appleseed and how important he was to the early pioneers. We also learned about the life cycle of an apple tree and made a list of things made with apples. At the end of our unit we made our own little apple pies! We were also suppose to go on a trip to the farm to see how apple cider is made but sadly, due to the weather, it was cancelled. But no worries, we’ll be tasting apple cider this week! Our next theme unit is pumpkins. Check back later for more info and pictures. We also have been working on our reading and writing skills. On some days we call this The Daily Five. We are learning to be independent and to build stamina while we’re reading. We have practiced the procedures for 4 of the stations for The Daily Five- Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, and Work on Writing. The last one, Listening to Reading will be introduced this week. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage Welcome Back! It was so great to see so many parents at the parent meeting! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with your children! Also, I’m happy to see many parents have connected on Class Dojo. Don’t forget to sign up for Remind. This is an electronic system I will use to remind you of upcoming events or to notify you of school closing due to severe weather. If you misplaced the handout, just let me know and I will send home the information. We’ve learned so much these past two weeks! We practiced procedures and followed rules. In Reading, we started our first story, Sam Come Back. In Math, we’ve begun making number bonds. In Religion, we are learning about the Blessed Trinity. In Science, we are learning about what does a scientist do. We will begin learning about families in Social Studies this week.