Grade 2A

Happy New Year! 2nd Grade had a wonderful month of December with visits from our elves, Christmas Show and community project. We were the opening act in our annual Christmas play and were a hit. We are now learning how to write in cursive and in full 2nd Grade gear.





Hello all visitors! I am pleased to say that the the 1st trimester is coming to a close. Students in 2A transitioned into 2nd graders successfully. Currently 2A is working on how to write a well structured written response. In Social Students we are focusing on the unit of communities. Soon we will be creating a 3D urban, suburban, and rural community out of milk cartons. In Science we are working on tools and how different tools can assist scientists when doing experiments. Right now we are a week away from our Christmas Show, I am so excited to see how the 2nd Grade performance comes out. Keep posted for pictures of the Christmas Show and Community neighborhoods.


Welcome to the 2A Class Page!  I am Ms. Smith.  I am the 2nd grade ELA teacher & I teach Religion, Social Studies & Science to 2A.

Please be sure to buy all items on the Supply List.  It is important that students have all the items needed to be successful & allow the class to run smoothly.

Also be sure that your child completes the summer assignment packet that was given to them.

I look forward to meeting you in September!  Have a wonderful summer.