Grade 2B

November 2017

In Math the 2nd grade will be working on Place value, expanded and written form of numbers over the next month.  In Reading we continue to discuss the author’s purpose and genres in the stories we read about the importance of team work.  In Social Studies we are discussing maps and locating the continents and oceans, and in Science we are beginning to discuss plants and animals.

The Christmas Show is quickly approaching. The required costume for Second Grade is a Christmas “ugly” sweater with black pants.

Important Dates
November 17th Dismissal at 12:00 pm
November 18th First Communion Retreat
November 23rd and 24th Thanksgiving Recess – No School
November 27th Christmas Show Ticket Sales
December 1st Report Card Day
December 8th Feast Of Immaculate Conception- No School
December 15th Christmas Show



Welcome to Grade 2B


My Philosophy for Education is:

I believe that all children deserve respect.

I believe that a child’s self-esteem should be nurtured tenderly.

I believe my job is to teach until a child learns.

I believe that if I am willing to say “I am sorry” when I make a mistake, I do not have to be afraid of making a mistake, and the students will learn the same.

I believe that modeling is the most powerful way to affect a child’s learning.

I want all children to enjoy the learning process, and I want to help them develop their own motivation for learning.

My goal is to make this school year challenging, fun, and enjoyable.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – First Day of School 12:00 dismissal

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Parent Meeting

Friday, September 22, 2017 – Class Photos

Friday, September 29, 2017 Individual Photos – 12:00 dismissal






Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children this past year.  They are an incredible group of young children whom will achieve all their dreams and expectations in the future! It has truly been a rewarding experience, this year of teaching! Each of them has brought so much to the classroom, and as I said before, there are no missing pieces to my puzzle!  I am blessed having such wonderful students and parents!

I love you guys!


Mrs. Becker




The 2nd grade has had an amazing , fun filled year and I am so very proud of all of their accomplishments.  Many received Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, participated in the May Crowning and the Wax Museum.




Dr. Seuss Week was so much fun with Crazy Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday, and Teacher Swap Day!

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We had a very eventful month of December!!

The Christmas show was lots of fun and the boys and girls did an amazing job!  Then we went to the Movie theater to see Moana with Grades Kindergarten to Grade 4.  We had a Christmas sing a long on the ride back from the theater.  The Elves kept the class guessing everyday as to where they would be, playing connect four, having a snowball fight or zip lining across the room.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Christmas Show Costume

On Friday, December 9th the 2nd grade will participate in the Christmas show.  The girls should wear shorts to go under their hula skirt and a solid red shirt.  The boys should wear a solid white shirt to go with their Hawaiian shorts (Hula skirt and Hawaiian shorts) will be provided.  The children are asked to wear sandals, if they do not have sandals then they are asked to wear white sneakers.