Grade 4B


Hello! My name is Mr. Williams. This is my first year teaching at St. Matthias. I am very excited to be working as part of this wonderful academy. The energy and compassion I have found here is one to be coveted, and of course, the particular objects of this care are your children, our students. I am the 3rd and 4th grade English Language Arts teacher. Through my experiences in pedagogy working with underrepresented youth in the Chicago and Brooklyn area, as well as my strong intellectual and faith background, I hope to work with you and St. Matthias Catholic Academy to not only help your child develop academically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. We are first and foremost sons and daughters of God, Our Father.


We will be covering many topics throughout the year. Our current 3rd grade unit focuses on reading comprehension centered around the topic of “smart solutions,” and smart ways that problems get solved. The various types of texts covered include expository text, realistic fiction, and fantasy. Your child will also lear comprehension skills such as compare and contrast and text inference, as well as technical reading and writing skills such as syllables and word divisions. Our current 4th grade unit focuses on the topic, “what is the value of teamwork?” Our texts will be centered around this topic, and your child will not only improve their skills, they will also learn the value of working together to achieve goals. The texts we cover will include historical fiction, drama, and expository text. Technical skills they will learn include prefixes and suffixes, context clues, dialogue and narration, and similes and metaphors.


We have been having a wonderful time learning so far, and I predict this will evolve and continue through the school year. I am here, with St. Matthias Catholic Academy, to work on the strengths and challenges of your child and am available for any questions, suggestions, and concerns.


Thank you very much!


Mr. Williams




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