Grade 4B



Fourth grade students have completed  an exciting unit in Reading class.  We are reading the children’s classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Writing assignments, homework assignments, vocabulary and interesting projects are based on this chapter book.

These projects are on display in the hallway on the third floor.


On January 27, grades 4 and 8 joined  together for a Retreat Day, which included working on their project for the Open House Expo.  The theme for the Expo is Miracles of Jesus, and the theme of the project is The Wedding Feast at Cana.  This project is on display in the gym.

We hope to see you at the Open House on January 29, and at Special Person Day, January 31. Fourth graders will have a special performance a the assembly.

This month’s Book Report is a free choice.  Students can choose a book from any genre.

This Book Report is due February 3.

Reviewing can be fun!

parts of speech

Noun Dunk Game

Fling the Teacher- Subject/Predicate Review

subject/predicate games

Magic Capitals

Pronoun Balloon Game

Pronoun Practice

More Pronoun Practice

Using I and Me

Choosing Verbs in Sentences

Choose the Adjectives

Burst the Adjective Bubble

Using a, an, the

Adjective Adventure

Adjective Vs. Adverb