Grade 5A

Teaching ELA is more than just learning skills and getting ready to take State Tests. In ELA we learn to overcome our fears about public speaking and when we have a few mins to spare we engage in independent reading.

Learning to not only create presentations but to also present them to your fellow peers can be nerve-racking. In class, we try hard to offer support and complete attention when our classmate is presenting. As our students get older speaking in front of our peers becomes a major requirement in many classes which is why we start as soon as 5th grade. We make sure that we are prepared when it’s our turn to take the stage.

When a child is given the option in picking a book to read out of their own will and interest they open up a world of wonder and amazement that is much greater than when being forced to read a particular book. Encourage your child to read and take notes of things they find interesting. When they are done discuss those things with them.









5th Grade Apple Field Trip

This month our energy and excitement were geared toward our Apple trip which focused on coding. The 5th grade had a wonderful time learning to code at Apple. Everyone came out with a beautiful new perspective on just how technology is so much a part of our lives.  Click on the link above to watch a video on just how fantastic our trip was.






Slide1     Slide1     Happy New Year! As our break comes to a close, I hope everyone comes back eager and ready to learn. The 5th grade will now start to go into Informational writing. They will be given their last assessment for Narrative writing on Wednesday, and it will be due in 2 weeks. The 6th graders will continue with the iLit program. We are getting into our new story, and the students seem to be excited about it. They have taken on the iLit program with great enthusiasm. They enjoy the 10 minutes of independent reading the program offers books that cater to their interests. Intense work is coming up for both classes as we start to prepare even more for the state tests. Both classes will begin to receive homework from last years state test. They will be graded and reviewed in class as to prepare them as much as possible. Here’s a year filled with many adventures and educational growth.

Our visit from Santa

Our visit from Santa

Class Trip to A Christmas Carol

Class Trip to A Christmas Carol

Dear Parents,   This year the 5th-grade class will be doing a class book exchange. Each student will bring in a book wrapped in their favorite Christmas wrapping {with a gift tag} to exchange with another student. Receiving a new book is always exciting for any reader but receiving one from a peer makes it special. Where can I find a book? Here are some ideas:

  • Bring a gently used book from home
  • Find a new book from Scholastic
  • Go to your local bookstore or department store
  • Thrift stores

Please have your child bring their book in by Friday, December 16th. If you are unable to bring in a book for the exchange, please let me know.   Thank you, Ms. Alulema & Ms. Battaglini