Grade 6A







Units of Study:

                           5th Grade Science: Human Body Systems – How are living things organized?

6th Grade Science: Energy Transformation – How is energy conserved in a transformation?

                           Religion: The Patriarchs – Who are our ancestors in faith?

                                         Please check iLit and Google Classroom for ELA assignments

Dates to Remember:

Progress reports out 2/13

Vacation 2/15-2/22

Piano begins 3/4

Ash Wednesday 3/6

Carnival Day 3/12

Report Card Day 3/15











Kidney Fundraiser Dress Down 6A & 6B

We are very happy to support the 5th grade with their fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation.



Science 5th Grade: Growth and Survival

How do plants and animals grow and change?

Science 6th Grade: Changes in Matter







Dates to remember: -9/18 Choir begins -9/19, band forms due, -9/21 Class photo (winter uniforms only), -9/22 Parish Festival on Catalpa Avenue, -9/28 Individual Photos (dress up or school uniform)


Dates to remember: -10/1 8:30 am Mass, -Piano Begins, -10/5 12 Dismissal, -10/8 No School, -10/9 Terra Nova Testing, -10/18 Testing Ends, -10/19 12 Dismissal, -10/22 Band Begins, -10/26 6th Halloween Party










SMCA has a Hydroponics Lab!!! Thank you to the foundation for making this possible.  So far, we have germinated tomato, peppers, cucumbers, basil and lettuce seeds. We are almost ready to transplant the pods into the garden tower.

We have sprouts!

We have sprouts!

Planting the seeds into the rockwool.

Planting the seeds into the rockwool.

Seed pods under the sun lamp to germinate.

Seed pods under the sun lamp to germinate.

After learning about how a seed grows, students are in the process of making 3D models of plants to decorate our new lab.

After learning about how a seed grows, students are in the process of making 3D models of plants to decorate our new lab.




The theme for the 2018-2019 year is "Disciples of Jesus". Currently we are on God's Revelation.

The theme for the 2018-2019 year is “Disciples of Jesus”. Currently we are on God’s Revelation.


5th Grade is learning about the classification system. They are also directly involved in the start-up of the Hydroponics Lab. In a few days, they will transplant the several pods into the towers.

5th Grade is learning about the classification system. They are also directly involved in the start-up of the Hydroponics Lab. In a few days, they will transplant the several pods into the towers.

6th grade is working on the chemistry this trimester. The main focus is on the elements and the periodic table. Students will learn how the elements are a necessity for the plants in the Hydroponics Lab to actually grow. They will take their knowledge from the units and test the lab's garden waters PH levels and more.

6th grade is working on the chemistry this trimester. The main focus is on the elements and the periodic table. Students will learn how the elements are a necessity for the plants in the Hydroponics Lab to actually grow. They will take their knowledge from the units and test the lab’s garden waters PH levels and more.




























































It’s hard to believe but May is here!  Even the weather is now cooperating!  As of today, there are only 40 School days left.  There’s still plenty to learn and experience and students are encouraged to stay focused during these last two months of school.

Units of Study

Science 5 –  Ecosystems: How do living things interact with their ecosystems?

Science 6 – Forces & Energy: How do you describe the motion of an object?

Religion –  God’s Gift of Self

Important Dates to Remember

5/4    Bye Bye Birdie Musical 7pm in the school auditorium / gym

5/5     Bye Bye Birdie Musical 7pm in the school auditorium / gym

5/9     Progress Reports given out

5/11     Progress Reports returned

5/11 5th & 6th puppet making workshop

5/14     Character Awards  1pm

          5/15          May Crowning  10;30 L.C. & 6,7,8 Movie Day

5/18  6th Grade trip payment & permission slip due

5/22     2nd Grade Wax Museum

5/23     Candy Sale Lunch for 6A: Top winner!

5/23     Spring Concert   7:30

5/28 Memorial Day; No School

5/31  St. Max Kolbe Assembly 1pm

5/15     May Crowning














  march            april

March has definitely entered like a lion!  Don’t let this fool you because the third trimester has begun and warm weather is on the way.   More than ever, students need to focus their attention onto their studies because the third trimester grades for 6th will be used when applying for high schools in 8th grade.

Carnival Day was a success!  The students really enjoyed themselves and shared that it was the best one so far.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to put the day together.


Units of Study

Science 6th:  Periodic Table: How is the periodic table organized?

Science 5th: The Human Body:  How are living things organized?

Religion:  The season of Lent

Important Dates:


3/15  Pizza Day

3/16 Report Card Conferences 12 dismissal

3/19 6th grade Science presentation on light

3/23 Family Dance

3/28  8:30 am Mass L.C. 12 dismissal

3/29 – 4/8 Easter Vacation


4/9 Classes reume

4/11 – 12  6th grade ELA Test

4/13 12 dismissal; Faculty Meeting

4/19 8:30 Mass L.C.

4/27  no classes, School Closed; Prof. Day (St. John’s)




January is an exciting month at St. Matthias Catholic Academy.  Catholic School’s Week kicks off on January 28th with a Mass at 10 a.m, followed by an open house at 11a.m.  Students have been working hard on their projects that will be on display during Catholic School’s Week.  Below, you will find the units being studied.

Science 5th: How do plants and animals grow and change?

The 5th grade have been researching unique adaptations for an animal of their choice for a Feature Creature project being done in class.

Science 6th: How is the periodic table organized?

The 6th graders have learned how to read the periodic table and are personifying an element of their choosing for a class project.  Students broke out into groups and did an investigation of the chosen element.

Religion: The Psalms: What are the important types of Psalms in the Bible?

Come to see the amazing memes students created based on the Psalm they chose.  January 28th at 11 a.m. in the school auditorium.

Important Dates:

January 26th – 12 dismissal

January 28th – 10 a.m.  Catholic School’s Week begins with a 10 a.m. Mass followed by an open house at 11 a.m.

January 29th – Dress down in blue & white NUT card required

January 31st – Open house for all grades 9 – 11 a.m. , Winter concert at 7 p.m.

February 1st – Student Appreciation Day – dress down & pizza / science assembly

February 2nd – 3-5 Math Bee 8:30 a.m. /  12 dismissal

February 14th – 8:30 Mass (upper Church for Ash Wednesday)  progress reports

February 16th – Teen Dance (grades 6-8)

February 17-25   Winter Recess

February 26th –  1;15 Penance / Piano begins Spring session










Science Units of Study:

5th: Growth & Survival

6th: Changes of State

Religion Themes:  Creation Story

Psalm of the month: Psalm 136: Praise of Thanksgiving

Report Card Conference Slips: Due Nov. 8th.  If you do not return the appt. slip, an appt. will be scheduled around other appts.  To guarantee the time of day that works best for you, please return the conference slip.

Christmas Show Attire: 

Boys: Green top; any (plain, long sleeve) & black pants, black shoes (rubber sole)

Girls: Red top; any (plain, long sleeve) & black pants / leggings/ skirt (black stockings), black shoes (any, rubber sole)

Characters: props will be given to students who are characters.

Elf: green top and pants. Black shoes.Must bring black pants to change into (for 2nd song)

Reindeer: brown top and pants. Black shoes. Must bring black pants to change into (for 2nd song)




Students were happy to meet Mr. Steve at St. Mark’s Church on Nov. 8th. They sang so beautifully while he lead the Church in song.


Being silly! LOL


Buddy Project with 2A.















Welcome Back!!

Looking forward to another great year in sixth grade.

Many exciting projects and activities will be coming your way.

Please be sure to have all school supplies by Monday, September 11th.

Here are some important dates to remember:

9/8       6th Grade work turned in (no later than today)

9/12     All handouts returned

9/18     Back to school night

9/21     Pizza Day

9/29    12 Dismissal











Image result for spring messages

March & April 2017

Carnival Day 2017:


image1 (14)

Important Dates: 

March 24th: 6th Grade Bake Sale

March 28th – 30th: ELA

March 31st: 12 dismissal

April 2nd: SMEF contest winners announced at 10am Mass

April 3rd: Broadway Cafe delivered

April 4th: Character Awards – Responsible

April 7th: Spring Photos (all students) / 12 dismissal

April 12th: 8:30 Mass (all welcomed)

April 13th – 23rd: Easter Recess, class resumes Monday, 4/24/17

Units of Study March / April:

Science 5: Completing “How are living things organized?”

Science 6: “What are the properties of non-metals?”

Religion: “How did Egypt become the home of the Israelites?” The story of Moses.



6A is enjoying Catholic Schools Week 2017!

IMG_1145 IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1156 IMG_1160 IMG_1163 IMG_1186

Units of Study for February:

Science 5th: How are living things organized?

Science 6th: How is the periodic table organized?

Religion: Who are the matriarchs and patriarchs of our faith?


2/3:  Mass 8:30, 12 Dismissal; NO AFTER-SCHOOL

2/8: Play Auditions

2/9: Math Bee Gr. 3-5

2/10: Character Awards, Winter Teen Party

2/13: Mass 8:30

2/14: 6th Grade trip: Youth Rally. This trip is free.

2/15: Progress Reports Distributed

2/17: 12 Dismissal

2/18-2/26: Winter Recess

2/27: Return to School, Piano begins (Fingers in Motion) please refer to the schedule.




 Happy New Year!

Units of Study:

Religion: Symbolism in the Old Testament

Science 5: How do adaptations help animals?

Science 6: How is the periodic table organized?


Character Awards: 1/12

6-8th Grade Math Bee: 1/12

Pizza Day: 1/19

12 Dismissal: 1/20

Error on School Calendar on 1/27/17: There IS school.

Catholic Schools Week Opening: 1/29 Mass followed by Expo / Book Fair

Progress Reports distributed 2/15.  Students, stay focused and do your best!



December was a fun filled month! Enjoy some of the photos of the activities enjoyed.


Night of the Christmas Show!


We surprised our buddies, Class 2A, with a small gift for Christmas.  They were so excited to receive the unexpected gifts!


img_0998 img_0999 img_1002 img_1003 img_1005


Image result for thanksgiving prayer catholic

Happy Thanksgiving




Grade 6A has had an exciting month.  From learning about chemical reactions by making green slime to having a guided tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I’d say from the pictures below that they enjoyed themselves.


Green Slime Experiment


The finished product; SLIME!

Students received a guided tour at the Met.  Thank you to Ms. Curatolo for setting up this fantastic trip.

I’d like to also thank our chaperones.  SMS is truly grateful for you!


img_0885                      img_0884                            img_0893                      img_0892


Current Units of Study:

6th: Why does a substance change states?

5th: How do plants and animals grow and change?

On report card day, please stop by class 6A to see the students mini projects on display in the hallway.



Mass 11/23 @ 8:30 am Lower Church  – all invited

Thanksgiving Recess 11/24 – 11/27, class resumes 11/28

Report Card Day  12/2 – please check your child’s planner for the conference slip

Christmas Show Tickets: on sale from 11/28 – 12/2.  Purchase in person only.




















Happy October!

Units of Study for October:

Science 5th: How are living things organized?

Science 6th: How is matter described?

Religion: How does God reveal himself to us in the Book of Genesis?

Virtue of the Month: Courageous

Dates to Remember:    Mass 10/20 8:30 am

Progress Reports Distributed 10/26

Halloween Party, 10/28   7pm


























































last day

Dear Class 6A,

I want to wish each of you a wonderful fun filled summer.

It has been a pleasure teaching you.  Each of you has made great progress

this year and I am proud of your hard work.

Remember to start your summer assignment early and

dedicate one day a week to working on the assignment.

Happy Summer!


Mrs. Nikolic

May Happenings:

Sixth Grade Class Trip: NY Hall of Science




This month, the sixth and fifth grades are working on their

energy projects in Science class for the school wide energy expo.

A school-wide energy project is underway and all projects will be on display at the Spring Concert on May 26th.  Students in grades 5 and 6 are learning to build team work skills collaborating on their group projects.  Every student has his/her requirement and have been working together on Wednesdays  to complete the presentation boards and models of alternative energy.  Hope you can come to see the Energy Expo and Spring Concert on Thursday, May 26th at 7pm.

  IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0420 IMG_0387 IMG_0386 IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0383 IMG_0384















6A Has been busy the past few months from hosting fundraisers for Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue and the upcoming play,  Once Upon A Mattress.  The bake sale for the play was to raise money for costumes and set design.  There will be a final bake sale for the fundraising for the play on April 20th.


Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue Fundraiser. 6th Grade raised: $1,010.00 !!



Sixth grade’s presentation board on available pets for adoption through Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue.


Satisfied customers of the bake sale : )


At the checkout!


Sample of the delicious treats that were made by the 6th grade.


Some Reminders:

There are three upcoming trips for the 6th grade:

April 13th – 15th: Common Core Mathematics Test

April 19th : School Mass 8:30 am Lower Church

April 20th: Once Upon A Mattress Bake Sale

April 21st: Pizza Day

April 22nd: 12 dismissal; Faculty Meeting

April 28th:  5th & 6th Grade trip to CTK  play, Annie

April 29th: Family Bingo

May13th:     6th Grade trip to NY Hall of Science

May 23rd:   6th Grade Trip to the Youth Rally Day at Immaculate Conception Center












Happy December!

The virtue of the month is Peaceful and the students “leant a hand” to create the Christmas bulletin board.

Here are some reminders for the month of December:

Dec. 4th:    Report Card Day, 12 dismissal

Students in 6A attend the report card meeting with their parents.

If you haven’t done so already, you can buy your Christmas Show tickets after your report card appt.  If you are unable to meet your appt. time, please call the office to let us know.

Dec. 9th:   Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal

Boys: green top & black pants

Girls: red top & black pants or skirt with black stockings

Dec. 11th:  12 dismissal, no after-school

7PM Christmas Show: students arrive at 6:30pm.

Dec. 23rd: 12 dismissal, No after-school

School returns to session Monday,  January 4th, 2016.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!


Grade 6A enjoyed making a Halloween craft!




As we say goodbye to October, students should continue to do their best to make for a fine first report card.  Its coming up, don’t stop studying!

Dates to remember:

Nov. 10th 12 dismissal No Mr. Steve, No Piano Lessons

Nov. 11th: School Closed

Nov. 17th: Mass 8:30

Nov. 19th: Pizza

Nov. 20th: Class Trip !! Wear gym uniform, lunch in disposable bag with name labeled.

Nov. 25th: Mass 8:30

Nov. 26-27: Thanksgiving Recess







Welcome Back!!

My name is Mrs. Nikolic and I will be your child’s Science teacher this year.  On this page you will find information for 6A homeroom as well as login information for the Science online book,

September 22, 7pm, grade 5 & 6 back to school meeting will be in the gym.  Following departmental meeting, you are invited up to your child’s classroom.

Online Science Text:

Username:1st initial of your child’s first name, last name and class.

For example, Example Student: estudent6a

Password: grade, class, year. For example,  grade6a2015

All entries are lower cased.

Please be sure to update your computers and to allow pop-ups for  The online book has wonderful interactive resources for studying as well as the capability to connect to an online tutor.

























I wish class 6A a wonderful summer!  We had a great year; you’ll be missed.

This summer, remember to do the required reading for 7th grade.  If you lose the papers, the office has extra copies for you.



Class 6A has been counting the days left to the school year.  As of 5/11/15, there are 28 school days left to this year (the class isn’t counting weekends or days off).

While so little days left is exciting, we’re not done yet. Below you will find the current units of study in Science for grades 5 & 6.

5th: Earth and Space (last unit of study)

6th: Circulatory & Respiratory Systems

Many fun events are on the way!

On May 26th, 9am, we will have the annual Variety Show starring the 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  All are welcome.

On May 27th, at 7pm, join us for the Spring Concert starring the school band and choir.

Lastly, on June 2nd, at 7pm, join us for the 2nd annual concert featuring Fingers In Motion piano students.



Welcome Back!happy-new-year-2015-26

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as did I.

Many exciting things are happening here at St. Matthias.  Catholic Schools week is around the corner and 6th grade is currently preparing two projects for display.  We hope that you come to check out all  the students creative work on January 25th.


5th Grade Science: Finishing the Body Systems and will begin Ecosystems after next week.

6th Grade Science: Finishing States of Matter and will begin Elements and the Periodic Table after the 22nd of this month.

Reading: Science and History exemplar on Egypt.

Religion: Mother Mary, The Black Madonna, Matka Boska Czestochowska






Less than 10 days to Christmas!

Let the countdown begin.

The last month has been exciting.  6th Grade went on their first class trip and had a blast on the Queens College campus.  We are planning the next class trip for the spring and will have information available to you after the new year.

image1-2 image1-1 image1

Wednesday, December 17th is the dress rehearsal.  All students are to come dressed in the Christmas Show attire.

Friday, December 19th 12 Dismissal  NO AFTER SCHOOL

Christmas Show 7pm   ALL STUDENTS ARRIVE BY 6:30 pm and report to their classrooms.  Bring a bottle of water and a light snack.

December 23rd, full day  NO AFTER SCHOOL.

To all my students and their families, have a wonderful Christmas holiday.  Enjoy the break; you deserve it!

Here are some pictures from today’s dress rehearsal, enjoy!

IMG_2262 IMG_2257 IMG_2251____________________________________________________________________________________________________



Happy October!

Currently, the sixth grade is taking the Terra Nova exams.  During the week of 10/14 – 10/17, students will have light to no homework due to the rigorous testing schedule.  Students should still read 30 minutes a day and record their reading.  Normal class schedule will resume on Monday, 10/20.

Here are some important dates to remember:

Friday, October 17th: Scholastic Orders Due.  If you’d like to order online, my class code is NJJQ4

Wednesday, October 22nd: Group Science Project Due

Friday, October 24th: 1/2 day, 12 dismissal  6-8th grade Halloween Party (evening)

Wednesday, October 29th: Progress Reports Distributed, return by 10/31.

A class trip for Thursday December 4th is being scheduled.  If you’d like to chaperone, please volunteer.  Remember, all chaperones need to be Virtus trained.  Please check the school website for training dates. The permission slip will be sent out soon.




Welcome Back!

It’s going to be a great year for the sixth grade.  Many opportunities to look forward to; especially the Variety Show. Start planning your routine :-)

In the first few days, please be sure to get Book Sox for your textbooks and cover your planner and all workbooks with contact paper.  Find your Math dictionary from last year or talk to Ms. Battaglini about getting a new one.  Bring in an extra $2.00 for tablet paper to keep at home.

Parents, we are in desperate need for lunch volunteers.  I know this is a big commitment. Talk to your family about volunteering at least one day a month if at all possible.

When dropping off your child in the morning, please keep the faculty driveway open as well as the faculty parking on the street.  Recently there has been a traffic cop ticketing parents and teachers who were double parked in front of the school waiting for spots.

Here are some dates to keep in mind:

First Day Handouts: due Monday, 9/8/14

Pizza Order Form due: 9/12/14

Back to School Night for 6A: 9/16/14

The Scholastic Book order due: 9/18/14

School Mass: 9/22/14 @ 8:30 am Lower Church

Pizza Day: 9/18/14

12 dismissal 9/19/14



Goodbye 6th Grade!

Have a wonderful summer.  Be sure to do the following….

  • rest
  • sleep
  • play
  • be ready for September


Mrs. Nikolic


Happy Spring!

6th, 7th and 8th Grades are invited to 6A to learn more about the Variety Show on March 27th during lunch recess. All information will be discussed at the meeting. Come and find out if this is something you’d like to do.

The 5th and 6th Grades will be going to the NY Hall of Science on June 12th.  The trip letter will go home after the Easter vacation.  This is a fun trip and we need as many chaperones as possible.  Remember, chaperones need to be Virtus trained.



Happy Mid-January!

Catholic Schools Week is coming up.  Class 6A has chosen individual figures from the Old Testament and will do a research project on the person they chose. Stop by to learn why the person was mentioned in the Bible, what biblical passage the figure was mentioned in, what this person has taught humanity and even some fun facts.

6A: Please refer to the outline you were provided with in class. If you misplaced it, refer to the copy on the FYI board in the classroom.



6A and 6B did a wonderful job creating Mr. Bones.  Students used algebraic thinking and scientific research to complete the project.







Virtue of the Month: Responsibility                         How can you demonstrate this virtue in your daily life?