Grade 7A

Welcome to 7A!

We are now over half through the school year! It is unbelievable how fast this year is going. It has been a wonderful, busy and eventful school year thus far. During Catholic Schools week we enjoyed many different events! We loved the theme of the book fair!


During Student Appreciation Day we enjoyed a wonderful puppet show and even had someone get involved in the show!


In 7th Grade Science we are discussing animals- invertebrates ,vertebrates, animal body plans, and vertebrate diversity. They are working on a unit wide project creating their own animals!

In 8th Grade Science we are learning all about natural disasters including earthquakes and volcanoes. Students are also working on a unit wide project.

In Health we are discussing bullying and focusing predominantly cyber-bullying and examining how it effects our life and mental health.


This first trimester flew by! We are having a wonderful time filled with a lot of learning and different types of activities.

In 7th Grade science we are learning about plants; what makes a plant living, how they are classified, how they reproduce as well as respond to their surroundings. We have done multiple labs including examining pond water, putting flowers in colored water to see how water gets around the flower, creating classification categories and so many more!

In 8th Grade Science we are working on plate tectonics and continental drift. We have done labs that involved using cookies like land masses and examining how they break off and studying Alfred Wegener and his theories. We  have also begun test prep labs and activities. We examined the density of different candy bars as well as different mystery liquids. We are truly becoming scientists!


In Health the 7th and 8th Grades are working together on a Holiday Recipe project. They were given different countries and they must prepare a healthier version of one of their well known holiday dishes. We look forward to sampling all of their hard work!

As the holidays are quickly approaching I wish you all a blessed and safe holiday season filled with the love of Christ.

7th Grade Christmas Show Costumes

-Fun (appropriate) Christmas shirt/sweater