Grade 8B

Class of 2018

Our Trip To The NYC Financial District:



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The Ascension of Jesus:

In Religion class the students created their own first person account of Jesus’ Ascension: One group even translated theirs into Hebrew and made it look like an ancient scroll!


Math Grade 7: Probability:

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In Topics C and D, students focus on using random sampling to draw informal inferences about a population (7.SP.A.17.SP.A.2).  In Topic C, they investigate sampling from a population (7.SP.A.2).  They learn to estimate a population mean using numerical data from a random sample (7.SP.A.2).  They also learn how to estimate a population proportion using categorical data from a random sample.

Grade 7 & 8 Titanic Project:

Math: Probability

ELA: Creating a Facebook page

S.S.: Analyze period sources

Science: Artifact restoration


Easter Season 2018




March 2018

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In this topic, students derive the formula for area of a circle by dividing a circle of radius r into pieces of pi and rearranging the pieces so that they are lined up, alternating direction, and form a shape that resembles a rectangle.  This “rectangle” has a length that is 1/2 the circumference and a width of r.  Students determine that the area of this rectangle (reconfigured from a circle of the same area) is the product of its length and its width:  1/2(C)(r) = 1/2 2(pi)(r)(r) = pi(r)2 (7.G.B.4).  The precise definitions for diameter, circumference, pi, and circular region or disk will be developed during this topic with significant time being devoted to student understanding of each term.

February 2018

Working together with Mr. Caraturo & Grade 4: Math: Measuring Angles:                                               Image105 Image104 Image103 Image102


Math Bee Winners


Catholic School’s Week 2018

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Business Unit: Group Responsibilities:

  1. Create a business
  2. Business Portfolio explaining your business/structure/product etc
  3. Presentation (like on Shark Tank)
  4. Research NYC financial district:
  5. Map of NYC financial district
  6. Profile of a business located there
  7. Timeline: business in America from Colonial times to 2018
  8. 3D model of business or product
  9. Advertisement posters
  10. Culminating trip to…tbd

Christmas Show: Merry Christmas Everybody!



Our Pythagorean Door:




Christmas Show Costume: jeans (any color), sneakers and the t-shirt that was already purchased. This will be decorated with our buddies.


Science & Mathematics:

In this activity students discuss the ways that graphs can communicate variability along two dimensions.

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Our Trip To A Yoga Studio

yoga 1 yoga 2

Halloween 2017

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We are currently working on:

A Unit of Study on student self-reflection, goals, and expectations. The 8th graders expressed the need to find methods of handling the current stress (tests, high school, etc…) in their life.

Students of any age may experience feelings of anxiety and stress. There are many different methods that will help students manage feelings and thoughts, which can be particularly useful when they are feeling stressed. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises are all ways to help reduce stress. The physical and mental wellbeing of students are affected by the way they think and feel.
Students may practice different ways of managing stress by stretching, focused listening, guided breathing and body awareness exercises.
These actions have many benefits for students, including better sleep, increased focus, reduced stress and reduced challenges related to depression and anxiety.
As a culminating activity our students will be attending a yoga class that will demonstrate ways in which they can better manage their anxiety and stress.
Mathematics: Module 2: The Concept of Congruence

In this module, students learn about translations, reflections, and rotations in the plane and, more importantly, how to use them to precisely define the concept of congruence. Throughout Topic A, on the definitions and properties of the basic rigid motions, students verify experimentally their basic properties and, when feasible, deepen their understanding of these properties using reasoning. All the lessons of Topic B demonstrate to students the ability to sequence various combinations of rigid motions while maintaining the basic properties of individual rigid motions. Students learn that congruence is just a sequence of basic rigid motions in Topic C, and Topic D begins the learning of Pythagorean Theorem.


English Language Arts: Reading Closely for Textual Details:

This English Language Arts /Literacy Unit empowers students with a critical reading and writing skill at the heart of the Common Core: Reading complex texts closely to analyze textual details and deepen understanding.

Becoming literate involves developing habits and proficiencies associated with many reading purposes, from reading for pleasure to preparing for high-stakes business meetings. This unit develops students’ abilities to read closely for
textual details—a proficiency essential for a variety of reading purposes and contexts. Attending to and analyzing details are essential skills for accessing meaning, allowing texts to inform our understanding and enrich our lives.


Social Studies:

Through primary sources the students will:

*Analyze Civil War soldier journal
entries to draw conclusions about daily
life as a soldier
*Explore constitutional issues regarding
state versus federal rights
*Evaluate Supreme Court cases such as
Dred Scott v Sanford and Plessy v
* Research battles of the Civil War

Breast Cancer Awareness Bake Sale 2017



Our Religion Theme 2017-2018: Psalms


Many of you are in the midst of planning restful and fun-filled vacations.  Before you turn off your school mode, please mark the following date and time on your calendar:

                                                                Monday, 9/25/17 at 7:00 PM        Location: Auditorium

At this meeting we will discuss the TACHS test, Specialized High Schools, Public Schools etc.  The students will take a test called the Test for Admission into the Catholic High School or TACHS.

**PLEASE DO NOT FILE THE APPLICATION BY TELEPHONE OR ONLINE.  I WILL FILL OUT A PAPER APPLICATION WITH YOUR CHILD.      ** An examination fee of $63 includes a student handbook, test materials, and the reporting of scores to the three high schools of your choice. This FEE IS DUE ON Friday, September 15, 2017

Please make your check out to St. Matthias School.

The eighth grade year is very important.  You and your son or daughter should seriously discuss realistic high school choices.  When school opens in September, please take the opportunity to attend the Open Houses of the various High Schools.

Selecting a high school can be a dilemma. The more information you have, the better your decision will be. I suggest that your child put aside some time during the summer to prepare for the various high school entrance tests

If you are interested in the Specialized High Schools, please keep in mind that this is very difficult for the 30,000 + students who take it.  A minimum of 94% in Science and Math is a guideline for taking this test.  There is a practice book for this test.

We look forward to working with you and your child next year.

Ms. Santoro /Mr. Gering