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Grade K1 | St. Matthias Catholic Academy

Grade K1


Dear Parents,

I give you back your children, the same children you confidently entrusted to my care last fall.  I give them back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more  mature than they were then.

Although they would have attained their growth in spite of me, it has been my pleasure and privilege to watch their personality unfold day by day and marvel at this splendid miracle of development.

I give them back reluctantly, for having spent many months together in the narrow confines of a classroom, we have grown close, have become part of each other, and we shall always retain a little of each other.

We have lived, loved, laughed, played, studied, learned, and enriched our lives together this year.  I wish it could go on indefinitely, but give them back I must.

Remember that I shall always be interested in your children’s destiny, wherever they go, whatever they do, whoever they become.  Their joys and sorrows I’ll be happy to share.  I will always be their friend.

Mrs. Stankes

**Please remember to complete the summer review work, and the book report assigned by Mrs.  Moreno.  The key to doing well in first grade is to review during the summer, and to read each day.

Some pictures of our year together:


_Painting our Earth Day Projects

IMG_7403IMG_7448_                                                                                                                                        Trip to Alley Pond Environmental Center

IMG_7470 IMG_7480 IMG_7447 IMG_7445___________________________________________IMG_7476 IMG_7479 IMG_7451____________________________________________________________________________________________________

April 2018



Dear Parents,

I can not believe we are in the month of  April!  I am hoping we will soon be experiencing the Spring weather!  Kindergarten has been very busy the past few months.  They have shown unbelievable growth in their learning.  I am so proud of all of them!  We are now beginning to prepare for the end of the school year.

Please take note of some important dates:

*April 20th – Bingo Night

*April 27th – School Closed/ Professional Development for teachers.

*May 9th Progress Reports will be distributed.

*May 2nd – Class Trip to Alley Pond Environmental Center

*May 23rd – Class Trip to Queens Farm

*May 30th and 31st – Readiness Test


Below are Topics we will be covering in the next couple of months:


  • Jesus teaches and helps us
  • We belong to the Church
  • We celebrate Jesus’s Gift of Himself
  • We care about others as Jesus did
  • We celebrate that Jesus is our friend


  • Number bonds
  • Decompositions of numbers 6-10 into number pairs
  • Addition with totals of 6,7,8,9, and 10
  • Subtraction from 9 and 10.
  • Patterns with Additing 0 and 1 and making 10.


  • Comprehension – Sequencing a story, identifying and describing cause and effect,  main idea of a story,  and describing the plot of the story.  Continue to increase vocabulary knowledge.
  • Phonics – continue to blend words.
  • Grammar – Continue to identify verbs, nouns, and adjectives in a sentence.  Writing sentences.  Discriminating between meaningful word groups and incomplete sentences.
  • Handwriting – Continue to practice writing sentences.  Working on correct punctuation, and word and letter spacing.

Science/Social Studies

  • Landforms/ Earth Day/Reduce- Reuse-Recycle
  • Animal Lifecycles
  • Insect Lifecycles
  • Plants
  • National Holidays/Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July.








January 2018

Dear Parents,

Hope the New Year is bringing  all of you  wonderful blessings!  The children are busily getting ready for Catholic Schools Week!  Please see the schedule below for all the exciting events planned for the week.

Sunday, January 28th – Family Mass w/ a tribute to Sr. Earl Mary followed by OPEN HOUSE – 10am- 12:30pm

Monday, January 29th – Blue and White Dress Down day (Nut Card Needed)- Students  who picked

up their NUT CARD on Sunday may dress down in blue and white school colors.

Tuesday, January 30th – Special Persons Day – 9am-10:15am in the gym.  Entertainment by grades Pre-K to 4th grade.

Refreshments will be served.  This day is for parents, relatives and friends.

Wednesday, January 31st -  Winter Concert, 7:00pm.

Thursday, February 1st- Free Dress down.  Free Pizza for students and Faculty

Friday, February 2ndTeacher Appreciation Day,  12pm Dismissal for Faculty Appreciation Luncheon.

Below are topics to covered the next few months:


  • We Learn About God with Our Families
  • We Learn About God with Our Friends
  • God the Father Gives Us Jesus
  • Lent
  • The Three Day
  • Easter


  • Two Dimensional Flat Shapes/
  • Three Dimensional Shapes/ along with positional words.
  • Comparison of length and height
  • Comparison of weight and volume


  • Comprehension –  Continue to build on following skills.   Identify and describe realism and fantasy.  Identifying the main idea of a story.  Sequencing a story.  Increasing vocabulary knowledge.
  • Phonics – blend words.  Read and write sentences.  Continue to practice sounding out words.  Continue to learn popcorn words to improve reading skills.
  • Grammar – adjectives and verbs.
  • Handwriting – writing first and last names.  Practice writing sentences using correct punctuation.

Science/Social Studies

  • Presidents Day
  • Winter Animal Homes
  • 100 Day Celebration
  • Dental Health Study
  • Nutrition/Heart Health




December 2017


Their will be many exciting events in the next few weeks, as we get ready for Jesus’ Birthday!  The children will be learning all about the season of Advent.

Letters have already been sent home about the costume requirements for the Christmas Show.


Boys – White long sleeve shirt and black pants

Girls – Red long sleeve shirt and black pants.

Children are to wear sneakers or school shoes

On  Tuesday, December 12th, we will have a full dress rehearsal.   Children must come to school on that day dressed in their costumes.

On Friday, December 15th the children will perform in the morning show.  They must come to school dressed in their costumes.

December Important Events:

December 8th – No School/ Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 12th – Dress Rehearsal

December 15th – Christmas Show

December 22 -January 1 – Christmas Recess


November 2017

Dear Parents,

imagesI can’t believe we have been in school for 2 months!  The time is flying!    Below are pictures of the many activities and events Kindergarten has experienced so far this year.  The children are having a wonderful time, and learning so much at the same time!

IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_6644 IMG_6643 IMG_6642 IMG_6641

The children enjoying apple tasting!!  Delicious!

IMG_6670                                     IMG_6694



Halloween Party Fun!





Fireman Scott Visit’s Kindergarten

Below are some topics we will be covering in class within the next couple of months:


God is our Creator

  • God Made All People
  • God Made Us
  • God Helps Us to Discover
  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Psalms


  • One More with Numbers 0-10
  • One Less with Numbers 0-10
  • Module 2/ Two Dimensional Flat Shapes
  • Two Dimensional  and Three Dimensional Shapes with positional words.
  • Module3/Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity and Numbers to 10



  • Comprehension – Compare and contrast.  Classify and categorize.  Review setting and sequencing of a story.  Introduce main idea of a story.  Realism and  fantasy.
  • Phonics – Letter sounds: initial, medial and final sounds.    Blend and read words.  Review rhyming words. Popcorn words
  • Grammar – Identify nouns and adjectives.
  • Handwriting – writing letters and numbers.  Practice writing sentences.


Science/Social Studies

  • Hibernation
  • 5 senses
  • Holidays – Thanksgiving (Pilgrims/Native Americans), Christmas


*Parents please remember to send in report card conference slips.

*Pumpkin trip cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled for the spring.

**Please remember to read with your child each night for 15 minutes.  Complete Book Logs in “Book in a Bag”, and send in every Tuesday to receive a new reader.









Kindergarten Class of 2018

September 2017

Dear Parents,

Congratulations!  Your child’s Kindergarten year of school is just beginning!  Kindergarten is a time of new beginnings, of making new friends and of learning new things each and every day.  Our days and weeks will be filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing.  There will be no other school year as unique and important as this one, and I look forward to helping your child learn and grow.  Over my past 11 years of teaching Kindergarten, the progress and growth that each child makes never fails to amaze me!

I believe that a good parent-teacher partnership is necessary for maximum school success.  There are many ways we will be able to work together this year to ensure your child receives the best education possible.  Your support and involvement will help to make your child, and our class journey to amazing places.  Please do not hesitate to send me a note if you have any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year working with you and your child.

**Please remember our Parent meeting will take place on Thursday, September 7th,  at 7PM.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you!!

Below are topics we will be covering the first few months of Kindergarten.


God’s Many Gifts

  • God made all things-He gives us light, water, land, and the animals.
  • God is our creator- God made all people.
  • Psalms.


  • Count, order and draw up to ten objects.
  • Writing numerals from 0-10.
  • Count to tell the number of objects.
  • Classify objects into categories.


  • Comprehension: Identify characters, and describe the setting of stories.
  • Phonics: Rhyming words.  Identify syllables in words.  Letter recognition.  Blend sounds to make new words.
  • Handwriting: writing upper and lowercase letters.  Write names.
  • Learning popcorn words.

Science/Social Studies

  • “All About Me”
  • Apple Study
  • School Rules
  • Community Helpers/Fire Safety
  • Pumpkin Study
  • Bat Study

*In addition we will be going on at least 2 class trips!  Our first trip will be at the Ridgewood Public Library on Friday, October 6th. More information will be given out at the parent meeting.

Enjoy the last few days of summer!


Mrs. Lynne Stankes






June 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for a wonderful year.  It has been a honor teaching your children.  They are amazing.

Have a safe and relaxing summer.  See you in September!

Lynne Stankes




March 2017

Dear Parents,

Spring is finally here!  The children continue to grow, and are learning more and more each day!   I am so proud of them.   Below are some topics will be covering for the next few months.


We are focusing on the Season of Lent, and the Celebration of Easter

  • Lent
  • The Three Days/Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life for us.
  • Easter/We celebrate Jesus’ new life especially during the Easter Season
  • We Pray as Jesus Did/Understanding the prayer “The Our Father”
  • We Belong to the Church/We become members of the Church through Baptism.

Math Tip sheet for Module 4 Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10

  • Composition and decomposition of  2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8 into number pairs
  • Addition with totals of 6,7,8,9, and 10.
  • Subtraction from numbers to 10.
  • Patterns with adding 0 and 1 and making 10.


  • Comprehension/Skills – plot of a story, main idea, sequencing, compare and contrast, main idea.  Learning new vocabulary.
  • Phonics – letter sound/recognition. Blends, rhyming, word families.
  • Popcorn words
  • Writing and Convention – naming parts/nouns, action parts/verbs.
  •  complete sentences, telling sentences.
  • capital letters and periods.
  • pronouns. (I, me)

Social Studies/Science/Misc

  • Scientific Method/Experiments
  • Nutrition
  • Life Cycles – Butterflies, Ladybugs, Frogs
  • Earth Day – Recycling, maps/globes
  • Author Studies – Eric Carle


  • Please read each night for at least 15 minutes
  • Review popcorn words daily.
  • Please send “Book in a Bag” in weekly on Wednesdays.

Spring Photos – April 7th.

Easter Recess – April 13th – April 23rd.

Please have children complete Easter Break  Take Home Review Packet.

Pizza Day – April 6th.

100 Day Celebration

IMG_5446 IMG_5450 IMG_5445 IMG_5442 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 IMG_5456 IMG_5459 IMG_5461 IMG_5474 IMG_5472 IMG_5470 IMG_5468 IMG_5466 IMG_5464 IMG_5462 IMG_5490 IMG_5487 IMG_5483 IMG_5479 IMG_5478 IMG_5476  IMG_5497IMG_5491


Dr. Seuss Week

IMG_5576 IMG_5577 IMG_5578 IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5582 IMG_5588 IMG_5587 IMG_5586 IMG_5585 IMG_5584 IMG_5583 IMG_5593 IMG_5592 IMG_5591 IMG_5589 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 IMG_5573 IMG_5572 IMG_5571 IMG_5569 IMG_5558 IMG_5538 IMG_5537 IMG_5536 IMG_5535 IMG_5534 IMG_5533 IMG_5532 IMG_5531 IMG_5529 IMG_5528 IMG_5527 IMG_5524 IMG_5523 IMG_5522 IMG_5521 IMG_5520 IMG_5519




Dear Parents,

Hope all of you had a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Here comes a NEW YEAR 2017!  So much to learn!!

Below are topics we will be covering for the next couple of months.


In Religion we will be covering many new topics.  We will also be focusing on “The Many Miracles of Jesus”  This is our theme for the coming Catholic  Schools  Week Celebration starting  on Sunday 1/29/2017 at 10AM with our Catholic Schools Mass.

Additional Topics:

  • Learn About God with Our Friends
  • God Chooses Mary
  • God the Father Gives Us Jesus
  • Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth

Math – Tip Sheet will be sent home covering Module 3

  • Comparison of Length and Height
  • Comparison of Weight
  • Comparison of Volume
  • Counting from 1-100/Counting by 10′s/Counting by 5′s
  • 100 Day Celebration


  •  Comprehension – practice sequencing a story.  Review categorizing and classifying.  Review  main idea.
  • oral vocabulary- learning new vocabulary in s story.
  • Phonics – Letter sound/recognition.  rhyming words.  Blend and read words.
  • Practice high frequency words.
  • Practice adjectives.
  • Practice writing sentences/Daily Fix-its

Science/Social Studies/Misc.

  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Presidents Day/George Washington/Abraham Lincoln
  • Valentines Day
  • Motion/Simple Machines
  • Dental Health
  • Heart Health/Nutrition


  • Please read 15 minutes each night and complete “Book in a Bag”.  Make sure to log all books read.
  • January 16th/Martin Luther King Jr. Day-School Closed.
  • January 19th/ Pizza Day
  • January 20th/12PM Dismissal

Catholic Schools Week 1/29 – 10AM Catholic Schools Week Mass/ Open House/Expo/Book Fair – 11-12:30P 1/31 – Special Persons Day 9-11AM 2/1 – Open House 9-11AM.  Winter Concert  7PM 2/2 – Student Appreciation Day- Free Pizza 2/3- Teacher’s Appreciation Day- 12PM Dismissal WINTER RECESS – 2/18-2/26 – SCHOOL CLOSED Take a look at some Christmas Show Pics below: img_5240


img_5236 img_5239   img_5235 img_5233



November/December 2016

Dear Parents,

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Take a look at what is going on in Kindergarten!  Below are topics covered, and future topics to be studied within the next few months.


God is our Creator

  • God Made All People
  • God Made Us
  • God Helps Us to Discover
  • Advent
  • Miracles of Jesus

Math – Math Tip Sheep will be sent home.

  • Working with numbers 6-10 in different configurations
  • One More and One less with numbers 0-10.
  •  Module 2 – Two-Dimensional Flat Shapes
  • Three Dimensional Solid Shapes.
  • Practice counting 1-100.  Practice counting by 10′s


  • Comprehensions Skills – Compare and contrast.  Setting of a story.   Main idea of a story.
  • Phonics – Letter sounds/letter recognitions,  blending sounds in to  words.  Continue review of rhyming words.  Nouns for more than one, proper nouns, adjectives for colors, shapes, size and numbers.  Adjectives for opposites.  Learning popcorn words.
  • Handwriting – Writing letters, words, and sentences.  Practice writing first and last names.

Science/Social Studies

  • Thanksgiving/Pilgrims/Native Americans
  • Christmas/Advent
  • 5 Senses
  • Animal Babies/ Hibernation
  • Seasons


  • Please remember to read to your child 15 minutes each night.  Complete book log, and return Book in a Bag every Tuesday.
  • Please check Friday Folder.  Review and remove all work from the folder.  Remember to sign and date sheet each week.  Return folder every Monday.
  • Christmas Show Costume – Please have your child wear a green shirt and black pants.
  • Class Trip to the movies:  Tuesday, December 13th.

Please take a look at the pictures of all the wonderful Activities Kindergarten 1 has participated in below:

Halloween Party

img_5026img_5033 img_5043 img_5041 img_5037 img_5036img_5032 img_5028 img_5027

Class Trip to Queens County Farm Museum

img_5147 img_5146 img_5145 img_5139 img_5136 img_5133 img_5131 img_5130 img_5124 img_5120 img_5117 img_5108 img_5102 img_5101 img_5097 img_5096 img_5095 img_5092 img_5080 img_5077 img_5071 img_5069 img_5065

Thanksgiving Feast

img_5201 img_5198 img_5197 img_5194 img_5192 img_5190 img_5188 img_5174 img_5171 img_5166



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