Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Technology is moving along these days at St. Matthias. The younger grades are learning their sight words at Uptown Education as well as learning to keyboard with the help of our Sunburst typing books. Grade 2 just completed an animal in a habitat with the Pixie program. What amazing creations! Grade 4 can now type, save and open files on a flash drive with expertise. The 5th graders are working on presidential research reports to learn about the important leaders of our country. Grade 6 has completed a web quest on the Water Cycle and written a fiction story about a drop of water. We have begun presenting our “About Me” slideshows in grade 7. Many new facts have been shared among the students. Grade 8 recently began presenting their slideshows about a famous woman in history. We have seen a variety of important women, from athletes to artists to movie stars. Upcoming topics in technology will include: A tour of Auschwitz and Anne Frank, poetry, dream vacations, river journeys, favorite genres of music and more research using the Internet. We continue to use the Mathletics program as we prepare for the New York State Math Assessments. The end of the year is fast approaching and we will be working hard in our technology classes. Enjoy the warm weather and stay tuned for more info.

Happy New Year! We look forward to more technology projects and assignments in 2017. During the month of January we will focus on Martin Luther King Jr. and his message of equality for all. The 7th and 8th graders are creating their writing assignment using questions to learn about MLK’s dream of social justice for all. Grade 6 will research MLK to learn more about his career and legacy. Grade 5 will create winter poems in Microsoft Word. Grade 4 is working on their math unit for Mr. Caraturo, which involves calculating averages. They will then create an Excel spreadsheet with their data. The younger students are working on their keyboard skills, the Mathletics program, the Pixie program and the site. We hope to learn new and exciting things in technology during the winter. Stay tuned for more updates.


A quick update on technology. Grade 1 is working superbly at the site. We have mastered many mouse skills and continue to learn new games. Grade 2 has been introduced to a program called Pixie. It allows the students to create slides to make a presentation. Grade 3 has finished an animal project using research skills on Safari. They continue to work in the Mathletics program regularly. Grade 4 is working hard at word processing and saving files on their flash drives. They did a wonderful job on their Winn Dixie assignment. Grade 5 read the Pilgrim story and wrote an essay about what they are most thankful for. Grade 6 is preparing a Power Point slideshow on the origin of Thanksgiving. We will present them in the coming weeks. Grade 7 completed research about a U.S. state and now they are creating a writing prompt connected to December. They will also work on their explorer unit for Social Studies. Grade 8 created Thanksgiving Acrostic poems about being thankful and now are working on a web quest about the White House. We look forward to many new projects and assignments in the coming weeks.

Technology is up and running. The younger classes are learning the keyboard and how to type in Microsoft Word. We are also practicing our math skills in the Mathletics program. The first graders have been able to access the Internet and learn mouse skills at the site. Great job 1A and 1B. Grade 3 is currently choosing and animal and finding important facts about it. Grade 4 is working on research from their Winn Dixie unit. The fifth grade will be learning how to use the Power Point program to create Thanksgiving slideshows. Grade 6 is researching Christopher Columbus and just finished discussing how leaves change colors in the fall. The 7th and 8th grade completed research about the Electoral College and how it helps us elect the president of the United States. We look forward to more exciting units on Explorers, U. S. states, Columbus and Thanksgiving.

Welcome back to another school year! All Computer classes are underway this week, 9-12 to 9-16. Students have received the St. Matthias Acceptable Use Policy. It is imperative to have these signed and returned so that your children can use the computers in school and access the Internet. Please review the safe use of computers with your children. We have discussed the rules in class but reinforcement always helps keep them safe on the World Wide Web. Students in grades 4 to 8 must have a flash drive for their technology class each week. It should have been on the supply list. You can purchase one at Staples for a minimal fee. Students will save files and be able to work on assignments or projects at home if they run out of time in class. Next week the younger students will be practicing their keyboarding skills. The older students have begun doing research for the upcoming election, studying matter in Science class, baseball scandals and breast cancer awareness. 8th graders have already started writing their goals for this year. We look forward to many new projects and assignments in technology. Check the website for periodic updates throughout the coming months. Enjoy this school year!

Have a great summer!!!! Technology classes are finished. Grade 4 now knows how to create a slideshow in Power Point after sharing Spring slideshows in class. Keep practicing. Grade 7 created some amazing poems using the Giggle Poetry site and also made wonderful slideshows about themselves. Continue to work hard to reach your goals. Grade 6 worked on many web quests, from oceans to penguins to writing stories about being in a canoe on a river. Use your imagination as much as you can. Grade 5 closed out the year with a slideshow about their plans for summer vacation. Good luck to all who travel this summer. The younger grades have sharpened their skills in Mathletics, Uptown Education, Addition Magician, & Fact Monster as well as learning to keyboard using Microsoft Word. Check out Education City this summer to keep your mind active and your skills sharp. Happy Vacation.

Happy Spring to all! We are in the final trimester of technology. The students have been working hard and learning new things. Thank you to all the classes who participated in the Mathletics Math Bowl. They have extended the program until April 30th so keep playing and earning St. Matthias points for your correct answers. We have also had some students earning bronze certificates for their great progress in Mathletics. Congratualtions!!! April and May will be busy months in technology. Poetry will be created in the month of April by grades 6 and 7. Grade 4 will be learning how to use the Power Point program to make slideshows of spring. Grade 8 has just presented some wonderful slideshows on women’s history. They will now be learning how to organize data in Microsoft Excel. The younger students are working hard in the Uptown Education program. We have learned new sight words, how to play the spelling section and we have read stories in the reading comprehension program. The students can also learn new trivia and watch their belts change color as they accumulate points in Uptown Education. Keep up the great work! Check back at the end of May for a final update. Enjoy the rest of Spring Break!
Happy winter break!
Technology is evident in all of our classes at St. Matthias School. The first graders are currently learning how to use a program called Uptown Education. Here they can learn new sight words that help them read better. Students earn points and watch their belt change colors on each level they master. The second grade created a Valentine picture using a program called Pixie that allows their creativity to shine. Third graders are learning how to research on the Internet. We looked at seeds and are now working on animals. Fourth grade just created an essay about New Year’s in Microsoft Word. They will be learning about famous women in history after the break. Fifth graders are creating a Power Point presentation about New Year’s in a country around the world of their choice. we hope to present them soon. Sixth graders finished learning about early civilizations for Ms. Curatolo and recently went on a web quest about the water cycle. We will be creating Lenten reflections after the break. Seventh graders are working on a famous African American in connection with Black History Month. They will create a flyer of their individual as a biographical summary. Eighth grade will choose a partner and a famous woman in History. They will research this woman and create a Power Point slideshow about her. We hope to present these to our classmates.

The children are working very hard. We are also going to participate in a Math Bowl that takes place in the Mathletics program. I know the students are excited to improve their math skills in this competition. Stay tuned for an update soon. Enjoy the winter vacation.

Technology classes are moving along well. The younger students are learning how to keyboard in Computer class. We are practicing how to use all of our fingers when typing. Students are doing well but need to keep practicing to improve their skills. The older students are working on units that are taking place in their academic subjects. We are researching breast cancer, baseball scandals, explorers, and matter. Eighth graders will now be reading and working on Romeo and Juliet. There are many interesting topics being explored and there will be more in the future. Stay tuned for further updates. We look forward to a great year in technology.

Welcome Back. Hope your summer was great. Computer classes will begin the week of Sept. 14th. We will go over the rules and procedures for all computer classes. Students will be given an Acceptable Use Policy to sign for the safe use of the Internet in class. Parents please be sure to sign your part and return the policy to school so your child has permission to access the Internet in Computer lessons. We look forward to using technology across the curriculum. Students will practice their keyboarding skills, use graphics, make presentations and create projects. All students in grades 4 to 8 please bring a USB flash drive to class with you each week. Have a great school year! Miss Klein

pooh2As we look forward to the end of the year, this is our final technology update. In grade one we learned our abc’s and new words by reading at the star fall site. In grade two we worked on Mathletics, Live Mathletics and creating awesome animals in the Pixie software program. Grade three learned how to do research on the Internet and also practiced important math skills in the Mathletics program. Grade four practiced keyboarding and were introduced to creating slides/slideshows in Microsoft Power Point. Grade five completed their president research, created great spring poems and made slideshows about their summer plans. Grade six learned about the oceans of the world and wrote endings to a fictional story about riding in a canoe on a river. Grade seven created fantastic poems using the Giggle Poetry site. They also learned how to edit a letter in Microsoft Word and found fun facts to answer trivia questions. Grade eight presented their Women’s History slideshows, wrote beautiful reflections about the concentration camps after viewing videos and created dream vacations with a partner. We have had an outstanding year in technology. Continue to practice your keyboarding and research skills. Happy Summer to all!