January 2019

Winter technology update

The younger grades, Kindergarten, first grade and second are working in the iSafe program learning about Internet safety and personal information. We are learning how to always have an adult supervise us when we are on the computer. Grade 3 is working on their typing skills using the Sunburst typing program. Grade 4 continues to work on saving files on their flash drive. Grade 5 just completed winter poems and will be working on an iSafe lesson about email. Grade 6 is learning how to use the word processing program and the tools to edit a document. Grade 7 just completed a December writing prompt and used the Pixie program to decorate a cover for it. Grade 8 worked in the iSafe program to answer online letters about cyber-bullying and harassment.




Happy Fall!  Technology classes are moving along with some interesting topics being researched. The 8th Grade is creating a journal entry about the First Thanksgiving. 7A & 7B are creating Power Point slideshows of themselves to present to their classmates. The 6th grade classes are finding the origin of Thanksgiving and putting it into a slideshow presentation. The 5th grade is creating a list of things they are thankful for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. The younger classes will be working on their keyboarding skills and learning the safe use of the Internet using the iSafe program. Kindergarten will learn what the letters mean in that word and how we can use computers responsibly.


Welcome back to St. Matthias Catholic Academy! I am Miss Klein and I teach technology at St. Matthias. All classes are now underway. Students have received important information about using technology safely, maturely and responsibly. I have distributed the new Acceptable Use Policy to all classes except Kindergarten. The Kindergarten students will receive theirs when we begin class at the end of September.  Please read and discuss the use of technology with your child. The Diocese of Brooklyn is requiring all schools in the diocese to publish this policy and have it sent to parents. It is yours to keep so do not return it to school. We went over the policy as a class in each computer period last week. The students were also given an acknowledgement page that they signed saying they understand the rules set forth. One parent needs to sign that acknowledgement page as well because this allows your child to use technology in our school building. Without this signed acknowledgement page, I cannot allow your child to use technology in school. Please check your child’s folder or ask them for the page to sign. Return it via your child’s folder to school as soon as possible. Students in Grades 4 to 8 will need a flash drive for Computer class. Please make sure the drive is labeled with their name and that the student has it every week for class. Staples or any office store will carry them. I thank you for your cooperation and hope we have a great year using technology.


Computer classes are underway and the students are diving into technology.

Kindergarten has just learned how to log onto the laptops and open up Safari to access the Internet.

Grade 1 is using the site to practice mouse control and manipulation

Grade 2 has learned how to type in Word and read short stories at the star fall site.

Grade 3 is creating sentences for words in the word processing program and learning how to print.

Grade 4 is learning to save files on a flash drive. They also looked up computer words to become familiar with parts of the computer.

Grade 5 is also looking up computer words and they have created an Acrostic name poem in Word.

Grade 6 has been introduced to cyber-bullying and how to prevent it. They are now researching why leaves change colors in the Fall.

Grade 7 learned about cyber-bullying and created beautiful flyers to stop this type of bullying online. They also looked up computer terms and will be completing some word processing activities in the weeks to come. The class is also working on their explorer research for history class.

Grade 8 created anti-cyber-bullying flyers as well. The messages against this type of bullying were outstanding.  Breast Cancer Awareness flyers were also created in class and they will be displayed throughout the school to advertise their fundraiser on October 17th. Now the class will be writing an essay to state their goals for the 8th grade year. Soon after, the class will be doing research about the Civil War for history class.