Phys. Ed.

Welcome back to another school year at St. Matthias Catholic Academy!

This week, 9-17-18 to 9-21-18, begins our regular Gym schedule for all classes. Please make sure all students are dressed in the proper Gym uniform on their scheduled GYM day. The uniform is purchased at Flynn & O’Hara where the regular school uniforms are also purchased. Right now students wear: blue St. Matthias T-shirt, blue St. Matthias shorts or sweatpants, and black or white sneakers only. If you are a new student and are waiting for your Gym uniform, you can wear something else on your Gym day until you receive your complete uniform. Sometimes parts of the uniform are out of stock at the Flynn & O’Hara location.

Schedule of Gym class days

Monday- Grade 8

Tuesday-Grade 1 and Grade 3A

Wednesday-Kindergarten, Grade 2B, Grade 5, and Grade 6

Thursday-Grade 3B, Grade 4 and Grade 7

Thank you for your cooperation, let’s have a great school year!

Miss Klein