On October 4, 1909, St. Matthias School opened its doors to 150 students and 4 teachers, including Father Nicholas Wagner, the first pastor. Since graduating its first class in 1912, St. Matthias School has provided a Catholic education to close to 10,000 children. Whether you graduated in the past decade, or more than half a century ago, we hope that the years have been filled with many blessings made possible through the grace of God, your faith, and the foundations established by your parents and teachers.  As of September 1, 2017, St. Matthias School successfully transitioned to St. Matthias Catholic Academy.

No matter your current age, you treasure memories of classmates and teachers who shared in your educational journey. Today, St. Matthias is as vibrant as ever, sending forth graduates to embrace the world and share their talents. We are always interested in staying connected to our alumni. Whether it’s a friendly email, organizing an event, or stopping by to walk “the halls” and share your memories, we love to hear from you.

An alumni association exists to sponsor activities, which foster and nurture a climate of unity and loyalty. It is a living link among past, present, and future generations of students, and provides exciting opportunities to share life’s lessons and successes, while advancing the school’s mission. St. Matthias alumni are testimony to the value of Catholic education, even in today’s challenging world.

Staying in touch with you is important to us. Please register and provide your contact information, including your email address. Help us to maintain and grow our alumni database by keeping us updated with your current information. We’d also appreciate help locating alumni whose present whereabouts are unknown. Please encourage all alumni to provide us with current contact information. You may send an email, or you may use the Alumni Information Form. Please remember to include year of graduation, and maiden name, if applicable. Indicate if you are interested in working to organize future activities, share special talents that might benefit the school (i.e. performing skills, business skills such as fundraising, ability to donate services or items which could be used as a raffle prize, etc).

We invite you to stay connected by viewing this school website and supporting us through the Catholic Alumni Partnership found at There are many other ways in which you can support your alma mater. Join in collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education.  Contact the school office at 718-381-8003 to purchase monthly boosters or to make a “Bucks for Books” donation to our Library Media Center.