Wish List

In response to inquiries from parents and alumni, who have expressed an interest in making donations to the school, we will use this area to post a list of new/used equipment that the school is interested in acquiring, as well as specific talents that could benefit the children of St. Matthias Catholic Academy. Please call the school office at 718 381-8003, to discuss offerings of donated services and equipment. Some items, depending on their specifications, may be declined as they are not compatible with the school’s existing equipment or pose maintenance difficulties.

Through generous contributions of time, talents, and equipment by faculty, parents, alumni, and other benefactors, the academy continues to offer the excellent level of education that it has come to be known for, which is evident in the strong academic performance by its students. The success of St. Matthias Catholic Academy in fulfilling its mission benefits the community of Ridgewood, and contributes to the neighborhood’s stability, growth, and cultural diversity. We appreciate each donation as a gift from the heart! Thank you.

Equipment (new /used):

  • Corporate donations of desktop and/or laptop computers, in lots of three or more
  • Monitors, 15 inches or larger
  • Laser printers


  • Artist/teacher willing to donate time to start and moderate a weekly after school art program/club
  • Music teacher willing to donate time to start and moderate a weekly after school music program/club
  • Volunteers to assist in the remedial reading program, under the direction of the student’s teacher


  • New or slightly used children’s books
  • New or good condition building sets: Legos, Erector sets, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs

Monetary Donations

  • Technology Fund: provides support for ongoing cost of yearly upgrades to anti-virus and Cyberpatrol software, educational software, and equipment upgrades as needed.
  • Science Fund: provides support for the purchase of materials used in science activities and experiments