Basic Policies & New Year Reminders

As we begin a new school year it is important to remind you of a few basic policies:

  1. No handheld games, beepers, cell phones, personal cd players, or other similar electronic devices are allowed in school. The value of these items, and the issue of noise distraction make them problematic.
  2. Baseball hats may not be worn out at recess time unless they are worn to keep the head warm. In this case the hat will remain on the student’s head throughout recess. Any hat worn will be worn with the visor forward. Hats used as objects of games or as toys will be removed from the student.
  3. No collector cards of any type are allowed in school. Students should enjoy viewing collections at home. What begins as simple sharing often leads to missing cards and conflicts. The school is not responsible for the value of any cards brought into the building.
  4. Any toys brought to school for sharing or play must be nonviolent and easily identified. The school is not responsible for valuable toys that are broken or misplaced.
  5. If you are interested in sending in a birthday treat for your child to share with the class, please abide by the following:
    1. Treat bags may not carry toys that can be a choking hazard to students and their younger siblings.
    2. No gum of any kind or candy made with or from nuts.
    3. A simple class treat such as cupcakes or munchkins is sufficient. (Be aware of classmates who may have nut or milk allergies).
    4. Check with the teacher regarding beverages. No soda, please.

As always your cooperation makes the faculty’s job easier, but most importantly it helps to keep our school community safe and peaceful. Thank you.