Snow Policy

A snowfall is an exciting event but with it comes the need for common sense rules of order and safety.

Our school rules are as follows:

  1. No student will handle snow and ice. This includes the throwing of snowballs, etc.
  2. No student will purposefully walk in snow or on ice if it can be avoided. Boots or extra shoes are recommended as there is no remedy for wet school shoes.
  3. No student will engage in horseplay involving winter outerwear and/or snow. This includes the stealing of hats & gloves, the placing of snow down coats of others, or the chasing of students with snow.

These rules are enforced on all school property, on dismissal lines, and at the corners where dismissal takes place.

The dangers of falling on snow/ice and the injury which can occur during the throwing of ice/snow makes this policy necessary for the safety of the school population.